Our Members

Cabaret for Life Members 2018-2019

Diamond Members

Brian and Cindy Buck
Rand Danielson and Aldo Suarez
Bernice Desmond
Joseph Ercolino
Russell and Seena Goldman
David and Mary Graham
Judy and Les Hathaway
Nancy Karpf
Luke Magliaro
Marty Marino and Matt Philbin
Steven Porzio
John Rielly
Rita Sherman
Terry Sonterre

Gold Members

Alla Axelrod
Marti Bookstein
Ted Friedli
Neal Herstik and Randy Schlesinger
Fr. Robert Kaeding
Phil and Linda Lepore
Arden and Robert Mathews
Anthony and Janet Scherzo
George Surlich
Doris Truex
Richard and Mary Ellen Wirin

Silver Members

Thomas Beam and Patricia Salzer-Beam
Leslie Fornino Grubman
Lester and A. Barbara Owens
Steve and Caroline Quattrochi
Rev. G. Scott Shaffer
Paul and Irene Stalets
Marshall and Aleida Wilharm

Bronze Members

Carole and Hugh Beal
Catherine Beck
Bernice Biegen
Bonnie Carolan
Joann Ganci Corrigan
Doris DePrisco
Marty and Cheryl Gertner
Roberta Grace
John and Carole Hessels
William and Evelyn Mehr
Linn and Marjorie Mollenauer
Joseph Nista
Patrick and Stephanie O’Neill
Anthony and Suzanne Restivo
Diane Wran-Farris and Larry Farris
Miriam Zangle

Cabaret for Life greatly appreciates everyone’s contributions. Please advise us of any omissions or other errors on this roster and accept our sincere apology for any inadvertent error.