Measure Your Life in Love: CFL sponsors Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

Cabaret for Life (CFL) is sponsoring the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, which will be on display at the Gallery on Grant during a two-week run of the musical RENT at the Axelrod Performing Arts Center (APAC) in Deal.

quilt.dc_Jonathan Larson’s iconic ’90s musical, which takes place in New York City during the height of the AIDS crisis, still delivers a resonant message about tolerance, the importance of human connections and the fragility of life itself.

APAC producer and the founder of CFL, Andrew DePrisco is pleased to be bringing panels of the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt to the Jersey Shore in cooperation with APAC. “This is such a great opportunity to look back and remember when RENT had such an impact on our lives. Today, people — young and oldish, gay, straight and bi, black and white — are too quick to forget that AIDS is NOT over. The statistics provided by the CDC indicate that there are 1.2 million Americans living with HIV/AIDS, with over 37,000 people in New Jersey. More concerning still is that 14% of the people living with HIV/AIDS (over 168,000) do not know it yet. Throughout CFL’s 20 years of existence, supporting organizations that help people with HIV/AIDS has been our main focus, and promoting AIDS awareness in our backyard is an important part of our mission.”

Bringing the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt to the APAC production of RENT helps to bring home the message that we are a long way off of “The Last One.”

RENT is directed and choreographed by José de la Cuesta, a New York professional who has donated much time to CFL over the years. José got to know Jonathan Larson during their college days and brings his own vibrant energy and unique vision to this staging. RENT stars Off-Broadway’s Angel, M.J. Rodriguez, as well as As the World Turns actor Craig Lawlor as Roger, leading a cast of 17 singers and dancers and a rocking six-piece band conducted by music director and pianist Joe Wajda.

Sneak preview Thursday, March 19, for $20 adults and $15 students. The show runs March 20, 21 & 28 at 8pm and March 22 & 29 at 3pm. Visit Axelrod Performing Arts Center or call 732-531-9100 for tickets.